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Polythene and Cellophane Sealers 

hand held heat sealer  wide heat sealer for polythene

We manufacture a wide range of hand-held heat sealers

The basic range  gives a width of seal from 1.5mm up to over 100mm (4ins)

Bar Sealer for lay-flat polythene tubing. 

Hand-held Bar Sealer for lay-flat polythene tubing.

flat pack sealer

Small Flat-Pack sealer up to 80mm (3ins) wide with a 1.5mm (1/16in) width seal

Beltt sealer for food packaging

Belt sealers for Food Packaging. Suitable for use with Cellophane, Diophane, Rayophane etc. packaging used for sausages, pies etc. The units are cased in stainless steel and can be easily cleaned.

Call our Applications Department with details of your requirements.