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Hot Knives

Mark 5 Hot knife one of a range of hot knives

These rugged, powerful knives are used in a wide variety of applications. 

Designed originally to enable sail makers to cut and seal sailcloth prior to sewing into sails, they are now used on most man made fibres in manufacturing plants across the world.

hot knife for thin material An alternative tip gives better visibility of the cutting edge for use in confined spaces.

They are used in the manufacture of  lifting strops, slings, seat belts, desk chairs, loud speakers, hats, tow ropes, mail bags, shoes, etc. and by riggers, ships chandlers, sail makers, lampshade makers, kite builders, upholsterers etc.

more hot knives 

We manufacture a range of knives with power inputs ranging from 60Watts to over 450Watts. They can cut and seal woven and knitted materials and rope up to 80mm thick

The knives can be supplied as a guillotine to make repetitive tasks easy.

power control unit for hot knives Miser Power control unit

Where the knife is used with a variety of materials we recommend the use of our Miser power controller.  This enables the blade temperature to be adjusted giving excellent control with the most delicate of materials 

Call our Applications Department with details of your requirements.