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Special Designs

Our Applications Department will analyse your requirements and produce equipment that will meet your needs.

custom thermal cutter and sealer for pet collars

cutsealpressb.jpg (22526 bytes)

This machine cuts and seals with a curved edge in a single operation, in this case for pet collars. Tooling can be produced for a wide variety of shapes.

hot disc sealer for aircraft indistry 

Disc Sealer with Miser power control. A specialist tool produced for the aircraft industry.

These work as ordinary scissors but seal the ends to stop them from fraying. Ideal for lightweight material and webbing.

hot press for shaping foam

This equipment produces shaped indents in foam based materials. 

hot piercing tool seals the edges as the hole is punched

This hand held piercing tool can be fitted with a Varity of bits from 2mm up to 12mm diameter.

hot hole punch seals holes as they are made

A simple hand tool for punching and sealing holes, starts at 13mm diameter and can be supplied up to 40mm diameter

Call our Applications Department with details of your requirements.