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Thermal Rope and Webbing Cutters

high power thermal rope cutters

These units cut and seal  webbing, ropes and cords made from Nylon, Terylene, Polypropylene etc., and most other man made fibres.

medium power thermal rope and webbing cutters

These units are available in a range of sizes and powers with cutting capacity from 1 inch (25mm) up to 8 inches (200mm).

These electrically powered hot cutters offer considerable advantages over cold blade cutting in that the cut ends are fused together minimising any tendency to fray. They are also exceedingly quick in operation.

All rope cutters are ready to use within 60 seconds of being switched on. They are fitted with a two metre mains cable and are constructed of steel and have a bright yellow Polyester coating and an illuminated switch.

The cutting blade is easily removed for cleaning or replacement. Pre placed screw holes ready to be bolted or fixed to a work bench if so wished.

All rope cutters are available in either 230V or 110V

miser1.jpg (13379 bytes) Universal Miser Control Unit

If a wide range of materials are to be cut with a single unit our UNIVERSAL MISER control unit provides control over power and therefore blade temperature.

Alternatively use our new Variable 2" rope cutter with built in heat control.

safe thermal rope cutter

automatic rope cutter

Our new Automatic Rope Cutter provides total operator protection and can be attached to an extraction system to remove fumes.

Call our Applications Department with details of your requirements.