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Established in 1936, Lyteze design and produce a wide range of products for thermal cutting, shaping and sealing thermo-plastic materials. Our products are in use throughout the world.  They are used in the manufacture of  ropes, seat belts, life jackets, hats, mail bags, shoes, parachutes, etc. and by riggers, ships chandlers, fishermen, salmon farmers, sail makers, lampshade makers, kite builders etc..

Our products are well known for quality and longevity. And we can provide service and spares for all of the products that we have ever made.

Rope and Webbing Thermal Cutters
thermal cutters for rope and webbing
A range of thermal cutters are available that can cut and seal rope and webbing materials up to 200mm in width. They are very fast in operation and leave a sealed edge. 
Hot Knives

Hot knives for cutting webbing, sailcloth, kite materials etc

Originally manufactured for sail makers these powerful hot knives are now used wherever material needs to be cut and the edges sealed. 

Polythene and Cellophane heat sealers

thermal sealers for polythene and cellophane

Our heat sealers are used extensively in the packaging of wide variety of products.

Special Purpose Thermal cutting and sealing Products

Custom Thermal cutting and sealing machines

If you have an application that requires special tooling, our engineers will design and build a machine to suit.